Saturday, November 6, 2010

Character Design Full Turns

After an awesome suggestion by Joel during our class meeting last week, I have developed the character design of this space puppy even further. Well, actually its simplified. I really tried to push the straight-against-curve design philosophy.Our next assignment will be to pose the character, which I am totally excited to do. Totally still want to move his legs in a Max Fleischer tube animation style. Should have something to show next week around this time for that. Hope yinz enjoy it!

New Reel Piece - Blocking

After talking with the two animation supervisors at work, I decided to start on a new reel piece and forget the one I had been working on. This is only a 3 second clip. I know there are a lot of things I need to work on in animation, and I think such a short clip can help me focus on mastering those problem areas. Specifically, I need more cartoony and snappier acting. I also need to work on my body mechanics. So, comment freely, this is just my initial blocking stage so the work still has a lot of wiggle room. And PS: it is called Best Shot because of the dialogue, not because I am vain haha.