Sunday, July 21, 2013

Walk to Stop Second Pass Polish

This walk is due tomorrow - I feel like I am mostly there. I want to sleep on it and have fresh eyes in the morning to make any final tweaks. All in all, I know its not perfect, but I need feedback to figure out exactly what is wrong. For me, subtle and highly mechanical animations are the most difficult for me, hence my struggle with this shot. Almost want to start from scratch again now that my method is more solid. 

Cycles are so different from performance pieces, because you are working on everything at once. I think I am pretty happy with it and I am excited to hear what people think of it!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Walk to Stop Progress

Hey guys! Animating a walk to stop now for my first class at AnimSchool. This is my first pass of polish post-blocking. For this walk cycle, I did blocking in autotangents - my first time blocking not stepped and also my first time using autotangents in Maya 2014. Feel free to crit! I am waiting til the final pass of polish before I fix the knee pops - so please try and ignore those!