Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sketch Dump // Hands

I am struggling with the 3d modeling of the hands right now on my Cowboy Western character right now. So I basically spent all yesterday drawing hands and watching tutorials. When I finally turned to the model, I was able to completely rework the hand. I'll post that model when its done - but for now here is a sketch dump of some of my hand drawings. Pardon the pen, all I had was a crappy work pen haha

No Back - Sound Affects Art

The Sound Affects Art Gallery was this past weekend - and was really really sweet. Having the MP3 players to help immerse yourself in the understanding of the artwork was really cool, and there was a lot of talent there. Props to the guys setting up the gallery, the bands were sweet and they did an awesome job setting up my piece with the purple fabric and everything. And there were micro canvasses that attendees of the gallery could draw on and hang up - so we did some hilarious doodles. Sorry for the camera phone quality pictures, but there should be an official online gallery coming up sometime soon. If you feel so inclined, my inspiration song was Wicked Games by The Weeknd - link here: