Friday, July 22, 2011


I have tons of new work, no jokes. It is all unfinished. I feel like I am neglecting the blog, though. The shown image is the album cover to the next mixtape. Expect rapping, R&B and instrumentals on the next tape. In addition, there is fine art and CG modeling coming in the near future. I assure that I have been very busy, and the product will be evident soon. Much love, peace, harmony, USA.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sound Affects Art Gallery

Hey everyone! I have a piece going up in the Sound Affects Art Gallery coming up this July 30th from 8pm-2am in Silver Lake. All of the artwork is directly inspired by a piece of music. There will be MP3 players available at each piece, so that the viewer can hear the inspiration song while looking at the piece. It is $10, ages 18+, and there will be four live bands playing throughout the night. It will definitely be amazing, and if you are in LA, you should probably be there and see an example of the fine art things I do, and of course all of the other talent at the show.

Gallery Website: