Friday, November 18, 2011

Comissioned Furniture Making

A coworker asked me to make a chess table for him, which officially kicked off  my custom furniture business! 


I primarily work with driftwood/reclaimed work, but can work with treated lumber if that is preferred. To give you an idea of the variety of materials I am willing to work with, the chess table I am making involves old circuitry, LED lighting, glass, and treated lumber.

If you would like anything made, feel free to contact me! I am still working on a limited scope (I probably couldn't make you a couch or a bed frame), but am willing to hear any and all proposals! Pricing will vary, based on cost of materials and labor. Southern California clients only please :)

Contact 703.598.7406 or

Here is an end table I made from driftwood. Despite looks, it is actually very stable. This would go for around $60.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

RAWArtists Pulse Gallery

Official photo gallery is up from the RAWArtists Pulse event. For everyone who wasn't able to come out, photos are after the jump, which are much better than my cameraphone photos, haha

Full gallery from the event here:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I did some drawings from my brother's rendition of the Bunnyman urban legend from our hometown. You might know the Bunnyman legend from its appearance in Donnie Darko, though that depiction sways pretty far from the legend. In ultra-truncated form: a man in a bunny suit - who is the ghost of an escaped madman - hunts whoever goes under his bridge on Halloween night, armed with an ax. These drawings are my interpretation of the legend.