Thursday, December 15, 2011

Animation/Furniture In Progress

Happy Holidays! I'm working on a few things right now: an animation reel piece, a commissioned chess table, and a couch for my new apartment, which has a distinct lack of living room furniture. I have in progress things to show for all of them!

First, and most importantly the animation. I am returning into all-out work mode. I've been able to carve out enough time to finish my first pass of blocking on this piece, and I should have a fair amount of time to work on it over the Christmas break. Link to youtube for that video for that pass:

Here is the chess table. Definitely a challenge, because my client wants a very clean, modern design, which is outside of my aesthetic, but I think its gonna look pretty great. The top is an Ikea cabinet I bought loose and the circuitry is from and old Mac G5. Lighting is also from Ikea. There is a wheel that controls the color and can either strobe or fade between colors, as well. Shown is just white:

And here is the couch frame so far. I am going to use military tarp for the base, then put cushions on it and a surfboard for the backboard. Supports my weight great and looks a lot better in person haha. Made entirely out of reclaimed wood and driftwood: